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Main Video Thumb: Vanessa Cage
Tour Video: Vanessa came over expecting to just do a BJ, but once she sees how stiff and perfect your cock is, she demands to do more than just suck it. In fact, she fucks you in pretty much every position possible, including lazy-doggy where she spreads her ass wide open so you can check out her perfect butthole while your cock is deep in her pussy. Her pussy is so naturally wet and juicy that you must taste it and she cums on your face. Finally, you return the favor and cum on her face, most of which she puts in her mouth and swallows.
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Main Video Thumb: Winter Marie
Tour Video: Short-haired, hard-bodied Winter Marie is obsessed with her own body; she is a true exhibitionist. With good reason, as she is totally hot and blessed with truly sexy curves. Winter wants you to watch her as she strips naked for your eyes. It just drives her wild that your dick is growing hard for her as she reveals her nice, shaved pussy and awesome, round ass. Her true delight, however, is feeling your warm cum shooting all over her, which you do after and amazing sex session. She grasps your cock stroking every last drop of warm cum onto her, which she relishes in.
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Main Video Thumb: Candice Dare
Tour Video: Candice learned to ride dick at a young age, and keeps her body in perfect dick-riding shape. Her soccer body is indeed built for sex, as you can see when she climbs on top of you. With her long, slow strokes, up and down up and down, she drives your cock to the point of ecstasy, then she starts going faster and faster, continually cumming on your like she was having one long, protracted orgasm. You do everything in your power not to ejaculate so as to prolong this amazing experience, but when she finally begs you to cum inside of her pussy during missionary position you can't help but grant her this request.
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Main Video Thumb: Blake Lovely
Tour Video: Blake is lovely indeed. She takes great pride in letting you watch her large, Double-D breasts bounce up and down as she rides and grinds your cock while you lie back and enjoy the view. It is indeed quite a sight, and she is multi-orgasmic! The best part is that every time she cums on your dick, she goes down to suck it off: such a naughty little sex-fiend. She finally insists that you cum inside of her pussy, and it looks so darn good dripping out after you deposit it inside of her.
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Main Video Thumb: Pressley Carter
Tour Video: Pressley likes to move slowly and seductively. She wants you to fully grasp and appreciate her natural body. As you sit there watching her do her slow strip-tease, you can't help but grow hard as she reveals her natural big-tits, tats, and hairy pussy. She looks straight into your eyes without blinking as she sucks and licks your hard dick, driving you crazy. Just when you can't take it anymore, she climbs on and expertly rides your dick while you just get to lay back and relax - letting her do the work. After she has multiple orgasms in multiple positions, she demands that you ejaculate onto her face, which you gladly oblige.
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Main Video Thumb: Chase Ryder
Tour Video: Chase beckons you to her bedroom with urgency, only to tease you and make you wait while she slowly removes her clothes. Before she sucks your cock, she insists that you finger and lick her pussy, which you gladly do. After she cums the first time, she whips out your dick, and gets it nice and hard and glistening with her cute little mouth. Then she jumps on top and
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